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Unmatched Hygienic Safety

More infection is spread through hand contamination than anything else. Washing your hands with OZONE INFUSED WATER eliminates a multitude of dangerous pathogens and viruses in only 10 seconds.

Attaches to a facet in less than 15 minuets.
Ozone works on application and then reverts to pure clean water after 20 minuets.

  • UNMATCHED HYGIENIC SAFETY – Ozone works on application and then reverts to pure clean water after 20 minutes.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Avoid the ongoing cost of less effective disinfectants.
  • POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE. Test results by the Bodycote Testing Group – COVID-19 documentation available

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The TRI-X3 Ozone Infuser can be installed in about 15 minutes. Anyone capable of removing and replacing a faucet aerator can install the TRI-X3 Ozone Infuser.

  • The unit is mounted on a wall close to a hand wash basin. Three Mounting options are provided.
  • The faucet aerator is removed and replaced with our custom aerator which has aVenturi fitting to enable the micro-processor to detect the flow of water which activates the ozone generator.
  • The silicon tube supplied is then routed between the new aerator and the TRI-X3 ozone infuser. Self adhesive tube mounts are supplied.
  • Following the installation, the ozone infuser’s UL listed power adaptor can be plugged-in and the Ozone Infuser switched on.
  • Ozone infused water is only generated when a faucet is opened and shuts off automatically when a faucet is closed.
  • 5 LEDs change color from Red to Yellow to provide a visual indication that ozone infused water is being produced.


  • Micro-processor controlled automatic activation system.
  • 5 Adjustable ozone concentration levels.
  • LED visual indication of ozone production.
  • Power Requirement - DC 12 volts
  • Power Consumption – 6W
  • Net Weight 380g
  • Ozone Production – 50 to 150 mg/h
  • Safety Device – 10 minute automatic power down. (Applies if a faucet is accidentally left running)

Disinfection of Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments that cannot be disposed of such as extracting forceps, probes, osteotomes, retractors and so on, can be rinsed with ozone infused water to eliminate pathogen contamination. Surgical tables and chairs can be wiped down with ozone to eliminate bacteria, fungus and mold

Hand Washing

The importance of hand washing in a dental office cannot be overstated. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center of Disease Control (CDC) stress the importance of proper hand washing.

  • 10 Second hand wash will reduce Clostridium Difficile by 99.9040 %
  • 10 Second hand wash will reduce Eschherichia Coli by 99.9995%
  • 10 Second hand wash will reduce Salmonella Thyphimurium by 99.982%
  • 10 Second hand wash will reduce Staphylococcus Aureus by 99.985 %

Mouth Rinsing

  • Dentistry primarily deals with treating the effects of bacterial infection.Water is presently used to remove particles and blood during and after a procedure. The ability to eradicate infection with an anti-bacterial mouth rinse is a powerful advantage.
  • Ozone disinfects by directly oxidizing and destroying the cell wall of a pathogen.Ozone is by far the most powerful and safest disinfectant.
  • The Lethality Coefficient of Ozone compared to Chlorine in 500:20 for Enteric Bacteria.This means that Ozone is 25 times more powerful and acts 3,000 faster than chlorine. Ozone mouth rinsing should be used during and after procedures.

Additional Dental Application

Biofilm Purging - Elimination of Bacterial Pathogens

  • Biofilms of resistant species, such as Enterococcus faecalis pose a major challenge in the treatment of root canals.
  • Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent that causes lipid peroxidation and alters membrane permeability and function.

Peridontal Pocket Disinfection and Osseous Disinfection

  • The practical affordability of this reasonably priced product (Under $200) provides dentists with the opportunity to offer these units to their patients.
  • DENTAL CLEANLINESS – Mouth rinsing with Ozone Infused water eliminates bacteria in hard-to-reach places that brushing and flossing cannot reach.

Disinfection Following Tooth Extraction

  • Dentists have the choice to disinfect the socket (dental alveolus) by rinsing withOzone Infused water or to inject ozone into the socket using a Waterpik or Jetpik.

Hypersensitive Teeth

  • Tooth structure loss occurring due to multiple factors like attrition, abrasion, erosion, trauma from occlusion may cause wearing away of enamel and entin resulting in hypersensitivity.
  • Ozone application has been found to effectively reduce sensitivity of not only exposed enamel and dentin but also in cases of root sensitivity.

Oral Pathogens

  • It has been reported that ozone treatment exhibited a 99.9% killing efficiency against cariogenic bacteria such as Actinomyces naeslundii, Streptococcus mutans andLactobacillus casei.

Oral Tissues

  • Ozone application has various beneficial effects on the oral tissues including remission of various mucosal alterations, enhanced wound healing and increased turnover rate of oral cells

Management of Pit and Fissure Caries

  • Ozone has been found to be highly effective to stop bacterial growth in deep pits and fissures. After Ozone treatment, application of remineralizing agents and sealing of the clean fissures is encouraged.

Prophylactic Ozone for Restorative Treatment

  • Corroborated evidence from in vitro studies indicates that ozone can be effectively used as a prophylactic antimicrobial agent prior to etching and placement restorations.

Management of Root Caries

  • Marked reversal and arrest as part of shallow non-cavitated root caries lesions have been reported following the use of ozone as part of a full preventative care regimen.


  • Ozone has immense potential to be used as an antimicrobial in endodontics. Ozone is effective when it is prescribed in adequate concentrations, time and delivered correctly into root canals after the traditional cleaning, shaping and irrigation has been completed.

Holistic Dentistry

Ozone therapy is already a major treatment modality in Europe, South America and a number of other countries. Naturally, the first interest of dentists is treating caries. Ozone is a very powerful medium to stop caries. Even extremely deep lesions can predictably be arrested. Ozone is used extensively to reverse early lesions and to heal teeth.

The Importance of Periodontal Treatment

Knowing that there are 700 oral bacterial species and as many as 19,000 different phenotypes suspected as causative agents in periodontal attack, and with the current knowledge of the formation of biofilm and its layering and protective elements, new nonspecific treatments must be found. Ozone fulfills these criteria

Viral and Fungal Infections

Ozone is particularly well suited to the management of viral and fungal lesions. The pain and disfigurement of perioral herpetic infections is a good example. In short order, the practitioner can render the areas comfortable and significantly accelerate the healing process.Interestingly, around 25% of lesions treated with ozone do not appear to recur.Ozone is well suited to manage viral infections.

The ultimate hand wash solution that provides superior disinfection in just 10 seconds
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The ultimate hand wash solution that provides superior disinfection in just 10 seconds
The ultimate hand wash solution that provides superior disinfection in just 10 seconds

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