STERI-SPRAY - Battery Powered Disinfection System

STERI-SPRAY, with its large 5 gallon tank is the perfect portable solution for convenient surface disinfection.

  • OZONE INFUSED WATER is a powerful microbiological control agent that inactivates pathogens and viruses in 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Regular tap water is transformed into OZONE INFUSED WATER with our TRI-X3 Ozone Generator.
  • COST EFFICIENT – No ongoing chemical costs
  • SAFETY – No harmful chemical residue. Ozone Infused water reverts back to pure water after 20 minutes.
  • Demand spray feature – When the hand lever is activated the pump turns on automatically.
  • Steri-Spray’s lithium ion battery provides power to spray 40 gallons on a single charge.
  • 9 ft. coiled hose
  • Large 8” wheels for unrestricted portability.
  • Adjustable spray pattern from a fine mist to a power spray
Operating theatres, as an example, can be disinfected with STERISPRAY
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Steri-Spray Instructions
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