STERI-BLAST advantage
Steri-Blast can be set to a fine mist which does not leave drying marks. Compared to foggers the potential benefit of OZONE INFUSED WATER is avoiding the fogging pitfall of providing more air than sanitizer. The spray nozzle can be adjusted from a fine mist up to a 10ft. power spray. The adjustable spray pattern can be used for multiple applications such as sanitizing walls, floors, waiting room chairs, elevators, tables, kitchens, staircases, washrooms, surgical tables, doctors offices and much more. Due to the exceptional oxidation power of ozone there is no mechanism for pathogens and viruses to create immunity to ozone.

FREE - No chemical costs
SAFETY - No harmful chemical residue
DUAL APPLICATION - Two different areas can be sanitized at the same time.
Gymnasiums can be disinfected with STERI-BLAST
Additional Information
Properties of Ozone
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