03 Innovations Ozonizer


…… that each year roughly one out of six Americans (that’s 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die from food borne diseases


……. A large percentage of food poisoning cases could be eliminated if people treated potential food contaminants with Ozone, AND washed their hands with Ozone infused water when preparing and handling food AND sanitized their countertops with ozonated water.

Simplified Operation – So Easy to Use

03 Innovations Operation


Step 1    Place the aerator stone in your sink and add cold water (Image A)

Step 2    Insert your produce in the sink (Image B)

Step 3    Turn on the Ozone Infuser, enter the approximate weight of your produce and it will turn off automatically after your produce is sterilized free of any contaminants

The Eliminator

• Eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria
• Removes pesticide residue
• 50% more powerful than chlorine
• Acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine
• After 20 minutes Ozone reverts to pure clean water but chlorine remains toxic and retains its objectionable odor.
• Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria
• Eliminates dangerous pathogens that often make their way into the food industry such as salmonella, E.coli, protozoa and viruses that cause hepatitis and numerous other diseases.
• Approved by the FDA as a solution to eradicate food-borne pathogens
• Sterilize your countertops and work areas to eliminate pathogens often found in raw eggs, fish, shell fish and ground meat.

The Incredible Benefits of Ozone Protection

• Degrade the remaining pesticides and agrochemicals on vegetables
• Purify drinking water by removing the undesirable taste and odors of chlorine, calcium, iron, copper, manganese and organics
• Wash hands to kill viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens
• Clean tableware and cooking utensils, disinfects and sterilizes preventing cross contamination

• Although chlorine is generally used to sanitize fresh produce it has a limited effect in killing bacteria on fruit and vegetable surfaces.
Furthermore, the environmental and health communities have expressed concern about the residual by-products of chlorine.
• The consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in the U.S. has dramatically increased. The incidence of food borne illness due to food pathogens, chemicals and wastewater contamination has greatly increased.
• Ozone is a high energy molecule. Its powerful oxidation potential in water at room temperature only lasts for 20 minutes and it decomposes into simple oxygen with no safely concerns.
• No chemical residue unlike conventional chlorine-based water treatments.


• Norovirus causes 23 million cases of gastroenteritis every year. This virus is resistant to common disinfectants, NOT OZONE.


• Annually more than 7,000 cases confirmed. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 1 million people in the US contract Salmonella each year with an average of 20,000 hospitalizations and 400 deaths.


• Food rinsed in ozinated water lasts longer by inhibiting the growth of Bacteria.


• Ozone is approved by the FDA – [2004] 21 CFR 173.368 “Ozone may be safely used as an antimicrobial agent in the treatment, storage & processing of foods, including meat and poultry.